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Vinyl Windows: How Much Do They Cost?

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Isn’t it nice when you can ask a question and get a concrete answer. For example, “How is the weather today?” Answer, “It’s sunny and windy.” Unfortunately, most answers to our questions just open Pandora’s Box of more questions and answers. It’s just one of the many things that keeps life interesting, right? For example:

Q: How much do vinyl windows cost?

A: What size vinyl windows do you need? Do you want fixed or operable? Sliding or casement? What type of glaze do you prefer? Are you interested in Low Emissivity (Low E) windows?

Hm. Good answers. Or, should we say more good questions? Window pricing is quite variable because there are many different options in the vinyl windows market. Here is some general information to help you along so you can get the best energy efficient windows for your budget.

How Much Do Vinyl Windows Cost?

Answer 1: The majority of the cost variation is going to occur in the styling differences. For example, size, style, colour, grills, other style options.

Size – It probably goes without saying that the bigger the window, the more money you will usually pay. But then again, if you choose a large, poorly insulated, single-pane window, you might pay less than for a small, double-paned, Low E window. So while size can be a good indicator of pricing, style can trump price when it comes to price variance.

Style – for the most part, the more parts a window has, the more pricey it will be. Casement windows, which open to the exterior like a door, are a window favorite and seal on three sides, which improves their energy efficiency. But they also use a crank-system to open and close which can make them a more expensive long term option. Single-hung windows have one fixed panel and one (usually the bottom) that slides up and down. Picture windows don’t open or close.

Grills/Grids – Usually the first price will be given for a plain window, and the price will go up according to what type of grill/grid you choose – exterior/interior/wood/PVC/etc.

Wood Or Vinyl?

Answer 2: Wood windows are almost always more expensive than vinyl. Unless you are absolutely determined to have the “wood look” in your home, the most affordable and user-friendly option is vinyl. It is more weather resistant, easier to maintain, lasts longer, and is more affordable.

What’s So Great About Vinyl Windows Anyway?

Answer 3. They combine the best of modern window technology. They’re both affordable and easy to clean/maintain. One of the best features about vinyl windows, besides good insulation and added sound proofing, is they are easy to clean. Vinyl windows can be removed from their frames. This is especially handy if you have a multistory home. You can fold them out of the frames from the inside and then put them back in. If you choose an energy star-rated window system, you might even qualify for a tax-credit which can save you additional money.

General Pricing Chart – 2’x4′ windows*

Common Window Styles How They Open/Close Low End High End
Double-hung Slide up/down $225 $415
Single-hung Slide up/down $185 $375
Casement Open out like a door $225 $475
Sliding/gliding Slide horizontally $190 $375
Picture/transom They don’t open/close $130 $330

*Installation not included

Notice the wide variations listed above? Once you begin your hunt for windows, you will probably come across prices on either side of these margins. Your best bet is to begin your hunt at a local hardware supply center and notice what you like and build up. Then you can begin to narrow your search for the windows that give you what you want for the prices you can afford.

Your best bet is to begin your hunt at our store since we have the largest in-stock selection of vinyl windows in town and notice what you like and build up. Then you can begin to narrow your search for the windows that give you what you want for the prices you can afford.

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