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Vinyl Replacement Windows vs. Wood Replacement Windows

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Whenever you approach an unexpected curve along the roads of life, you have to center yourself and figure out, “which direction will lead me to the path of glory?” The answers don’t always come easy.

Thankfully, when you’ve arrived at the “Wood or Vinyl” fork, we’re here to hold your hand along your decision making journey.

The deliberations between wood replacement windows or vinyl replacement windows come down to three major factors: appearance, cost, and long-term maintenance responsibilities.

We’ll help you organize the pros and cons and then leave the ultimate decision making to you.

Vinyl vs. Wood Windows in Terms of Appearance

Wood Replacement Windows
Many people enjoy the the look of good old fashioned wood window frames. They’re traditional and wood is always an attractive feature. Wood window frames are considered a high-end look, which we’ll address in the “Cost” section, but they are lovely.

It’s also good to note that wood is a natural insulator so wood replacement windows are considered energy efficient as well – as long as they are maintained properly.

Vinyl Replacement Windows
How you perceive the aesthetic of vinyl window frames, or wood for that matter, depends on your personal preferences. While die-hard fans of wood frames claim vinyl windows look cheap, that is not the case.

Poor quality vinyl windows can look cheap but higher quality windows do not. Vinyl frames can be matched to virtually any shade of paint, which is nice bonus, and their clean modern lines will boost curb appeal.

Quality vinyl windows are as energy efficient as their wood-replacement counterparts.

Vinyl vs Wood Windows in Terms of Cost

Wood Replacement Windows
Wood frames are always more expensive than their vinyl counterparts. There is a reason why synthetic materials have gained resounding popularity over the past half a century – they’re cheaper than their wood, stone, and hand -made alternatives. The cost of wood window frames run medium to high.

Vinyl Replacement Windows
While vinyl is the more affordable option on average, keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

The lowest-end vinyl window is going to look cheap and have cheap hardware so in the long run, it’s worth it to stick to the medium and higher-range products for appearance and quality. Usually, the better the window, the better the manufacturer’s warranty.

Vinyl vs. Wood Windows in Terms of Maintenance

Wood Replacement Windows
Wood products require a lifetime of love and attention. Be prepared to seal, re-paint, and re-finish on a regular basis.

If they aren’t maintained they’ll warp, rot, crack, chip, and generally degrade. Remember the insulating factor we boasted about earlier?

Poorly maintained windows become terrible insulators so keep that in mind as well. You have to love the look of wood to prioritize the lifetime of maintenance required.

Vinyl Replacement Windows
While you can’t exactly love ’em and leave ’em, vinyl windows are about as low-maintenance as it gets.

They’re built to stand the test of time so minimal routine maintenance, like keeping the tracks lubricated, repainting if absolutely necessary, and annual cleaning will keep them in shipshape.

They can even be purchased with sun-resistant paints which last for many years.

While replacement windows aren’t always associated with glory, the right choice will be a “glory”-ous addition to your home.

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