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Vinyl Replacement Windows vs. Fiberglass Replacement Windows

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You probably knew that your household insulation could be made from fiberglass but did you know that window frames can be fiberglass as well?

They aren’t nearly as light and fluffy as insulation but they still get the job done.

Here are some basic comparisons if you are in the window replacement market and are looking for information regarding vinyl vs. fiberglass.

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Vinyl Replacement Windows vs. Fiberglass Replacement Windows In Terms Of Appearance

Vinyl Windows
Vinyl windows come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Ask us how you can use interior mullions to create the architectural look you want.

From “arched window panes” to “no window panes” interior mullions can be used – or not – to create the look you want.

Another major bonus of vinyl windows is that the frames come in a wide selection of colors so you can select vinyl frames that match the interior or exterior of your home.

Fiberglass Windows
Fiberglass windows need to be painted. The good news is that you can paint them any color you want, even that crazy color you had the paint store whip up for you.

They make up a very small percentage of the window market so you don’t see them often but they are an attractive option.

Vinyl Replacement Windows vs. Fiberglass Replacement Windows In Terms of Cost

Vinyl Windows
You can find a vinyl window frame in any price bracket from high to low.

Low end vinyl windows should still be of relatively decent quality however, spending a little extra on your window budget can ensure you get the best quality of window in terms of durability, quality hardware (which makes a huge difference int day-to-day window function), and warranty policies.

Fiberglass Windows
Fiberglass windows are technically priced mid- to high but they tend to be more expensive than their vinyl counterparts.

This is probably the main reason you don’t see them as often. Many people prefer to purchase vinyl over fiberglass, and if they want to jump price brackets, they are probably opting for wood-clad or frames built with another material.

Vinyl Replacement Windows vs. Fiberglass Replacement Windows In Terms of Maintenance

Vinyl Windows
Vinyl windows are a great option if you are a low-maintenance person.

They are rust resistant, impervious to bugs, and don’t warp or peel. With some minimal bi-annual maintenance, your vinyl windows will be good to go.

Fiberglass Windows
While the good news is that you can paint your fiberglass windows any color you want, the bad news is that you have to re-paint them from time to time because the paint won’t last.

However, if you are one of those people that enjoys having home maintenance projects, that might not bother you. In the plus category: they are very strong and durable..

If you asked us whether you should go vinyl or fiberglass for your home’s replacement windows, we would have to say, “Go Vinyl!” and not just because we’re a vinyl window vendor.

Obviously we have a vested interest, but we feel that if you’re going to spend the extra money, you’re better off in the long run opting for higher-end vinyl for future maintenance’s sake.

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