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Vinyl Replacement Windows vs. Aluminum Replacement Windows

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Vinyl replacement windows or Aluminum replacement windows?

Vinyl…Aluminum – Aluminum…Vinyl.

Sometimes the window frame choices in life can be pretty tough. But we don’t want you to lose any sleep over it so we thought we would jot a few notes about the differences between vinyl and aluminum window frames.

Take a break from your stressful decision making and we’ll help you decide which one will work for your home and budget.

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Vinyl vs. Aluminum In Terms of Cost

Vinyl Replacement Windows
Vinyl windows are made for every budget. Even low-end vinyl windows can be well built and durable but you are better off paying for a mid- to high-end window products.

The higher quality window, the better the guarantee that the hardware is quality.

It can also be worth it to pay for extras such a sun-proof color additives, which keep your maintenance costs that much lower over time.

Aluminum Replacement Windows
Aluminum windows are also affordable. Most manufacturers sell these frames at the mid-range which make them comparable to vinyl.

They are also a durable product, which means you won’t be looking at replacement or wear-and-tear maintenance costs anytime soon.

Vinyl vs. Aluminum In Terms of Looks

Vinyl Replacement Windows
Vinyl of probably the winner in this department because you can create almost any look you want in terms of color and shape.

You can even match the window frame colors to almost any other paint color.

Vinyl replacement windows offer a clean simple look and the higher quality you buy, the higher quality their appearance will be.

Aluminum Replacement Windows
Aluminum windows are similar to steel in that they provide a pretty modern and commercial look in most applications.

If your home is contemporary and you like a modern look, then these window frames will work perfectly for you. If you like a more traditional window look, you will want to stick with vinyl, wood, or composite windows.

Vinyl vs. Aluminum In Terms of Maintenance

Vinyl Replacement Windows
If you like low maintenance living, you will love vinyl windows. They are easy to maintain, durable, and they don’t rust, warp, or corrode very easily.

Just have a little non-oil based lubricant on hand to keep the windows opening and closing easily. Oil-based lubricants can attract dirt/debris and can degrade over time.

Aluminum Replacement Windows
Aluminum windows are also durable products. They are strong and get good security ratings. Unfortunately, unless you live in an extremely moderate climate, aluminum frames have poor energy efficiency.

You will waste quite a bit of heating and cooling energy right out the windows if you don’t take extra precautions to insulate them properly.

In this comparison, we feel like vinyl is the easy choice unless there is a specific aesthetic you are going for, and you life in a climate that doesn’t get too hot or cold.

You can gain a modern look with vinyl and gain the benefits of energy efficiency since vinyl windows are some of the most efficient windows on the market.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions or concerns. We love to know everything there is to know about windows so that you don’t have to.

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