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Terrace Doors for Your Home

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Terrace doors are an attractive door style, incorporating a generous amount of window space, to allow access to and from a lovely landscaped space.

Usually, they open directly onto a deck or patio. There are usually two options for an exterior entrance to a yard space: sliding patio doors or terrace doors.

Terrace doors are a good option for a smaller room, to conserve wall space, or because you simply enjoy their elegant appearance.

What are Terrace Doors?

Terrace doors, also called patio doors, come in a variety of sizes, materials, and colors.They come in single or double exterior door styles. In most cases, they are dominated by window space, which allows natural light to come in and provides an inviting view of your outdoor space.

They come in several materials:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Fiberglass

We are partial to vinyl doors because they are affordable, energy efficient, and extremely low maintenance. After all, those are the reasons we went into the vinyl window business in the first place.

Pros and Cons of Terrace Doors


Wall savers
They’re a good choice for a smaller room, or a room with small wall space as they don’t require the same amount of width as traditional sliding doors. Because they’re hinged, you will want to be thoughtful about which direction the door swings to accommodate furniture or shelving which may create an impediment.

The large exterior view will make any room seem more spacious. This is especially beneficial in a smaller den or living space.

Air Flow
Because of their height, an open terrace door will help to create a nice air flow during the warmer months. A quality screen is all you need to feel like you have brought the best part of the outdoors inside – minus the critters.

Because these doors have so much glass space, they add a wonderful amount of natural light – even in the winter time.

Pet door
If you are a pet owner, let us know. We can find terrace doors with built-in pet doors. The doors can be shut and locked for security purposes but allow your pet to go in and out at their (and your!) convenience.


Energy Efficiency
Anytime you are dealing with a window space, you want to be conscientious about energy efficiency. Even the best and highest quality windows can’t compete with the insulation in your exterior walls.

It’s worth it, especially for our cold Canadian winters, to purchase a patio door that has the Energy Star label. Energy Star windows provide maximum insulation and energy efficiency.

While this was also listed as a “pro” we do want to point out that you will want to be thoughtful about morning light if your terrace door is installed in a bedroom. If this is the case, a frosted or tinted window film can allow you to keep your view, while gaining a bit of protection from the sun’s harsh glare.

If you aren’t sure which style of terrace doors is right for you, we can schedule a time to come out and evaluate your needs.

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