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Single Hung Windows for Your Home

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Single hung windows are what most people would consider, “the traditional window.” They were the most common residential window installation until the 1990s.

Now they are being usurped by the popularity of the double-hung window, although they still offer many advantages.

What is a Single Hung Window?

A single hung window consists of two window panes; the first is permanently fixed (meaning it doesn’t open or close) and the second one moves up/down to allow for ventilation. It’s that fixed panel which has created a demand for double hung windows.

However the fixed panel can also offer advantages such as safety in a child’s bedroom, a better seal, more protection from the elements, etc.

Pros and Cons of Installing Single Hung Windows

The Pros

Energy efficiency
While it might be nice to have the option of opening both window panes, it also means the seal won’t be quite as good and, over time, your seals may continue to weaken.

A high quality fixed window will be the most energy efficient window option.

With a single hung window, you won’t have to worry about the upper pane not closing quite right, or any gaps which would allow energy to leak.

Cost efficiency
Single hung windows are more affordable than their double hung counterpart. Over the lifetime of the window, you will probably have less maintenance costs since that fixed pane shouldn’t have any problems.

Air conditioning
Because of our more modest summer climate, many homeowners opt not to use their A/C and instead use good ol’ fashioned outdoor air to keep their homes cool.

However, you may want to install a window A/C in a room with western or southern exposure. In that case, a single hung window is your best option.

The Cons

While you can open a single hung window, you are only getting ventilation from the lower portion of the window.

If the sprinklers are on, or you have a small child that shouldn’t have screen access, this can be a problem because you don’t have the option of lowering the upper sash.

Unless you have Inspector Gadget-worthy arms, cleaning the windows from the inside can be more challenging.

However, you can talk to us about single hung tilt windows, which allow the movable sash to tilt inwards so you can easily clean the exterior face and then snap it back in place.

If trends matter to you, or you think you might be reselling your home in the future, then single hung windows might not be your best choice.

Double hung windows are more trendy right now and would increase the overall value and appeal of your home to potential buyers.

The Verdict

Trend or no trend, single hung windows are an excellent choice for your home. You may opt to use them in certain areas, such as bedrooms or rooms which are more exposed to the elements.

Make an appointment to visit our showroom, or we can come out to you, to determine if and where single hung windows would be the best choice for your upcoming window replacement project.

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