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Select the Best Replacement Windows For Your House

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Remember the game Twenty Questions?

While all twenty questions may not be needed to determine the best replacement windows for your project, there are a handful of questions that can narrow your options. For our purposes, we’re going to play a different version of this childhood game.

Five Questions for Selecting the Best Replacement Windows for Your House

Where do you live?
Climate is important when selecting the best replacement windows. Different window types have different insulating properties.

If you live in a colder climate, you want to look for windows that boast good insulation properties.

For example, wood and vinyl window frames are excellent insulators where as aluminum window frames should only be a an option if you live somewhere relatively warm most of the year.

What is Your Budget?
While it would be nice to say, “money is no object”, that’s rarely the case. Make sure you stick to the parameters of your budget.

In most cases, wood window frames are the most expensive, while quality vinyl windows are affordable. Perhaps you’re desperate for the look of wood window frames but you need the benefit of triple-glazed windows or other insulating factors.

In this case, vinyl may be your best bet. You can work with your local window vendor to find affordable vinyl frames that replicate wood, and save your extra money to spend on higher-tech window glass.

Are You Maintenance Crazy?
When choosing the best replacement window, you also want to consider the amount of window maintenance required.

There’s no doubt about it – wood windows require ongoing homeowner maintenance because they’re susceptible to moisture.

Fiberglass can be a good option, as they can be painted and are not susceptible to weather – making them low-maintenance – but they can be pricey.

Vinyl windows require very little maintenance and while they can’t be painted, they come in a wide range of color choices to match your exterior/interior paint.

Keep in mind that while affordable windows are important, if you completely cross over the “cheap side” of the line, you may end up with windows that are poorly built and require more expensive repairs in the long run.

What Are Your Other Window Needs?
The best replacement windows will meet a variety of criteria in addition to budget and materials. Do you have a large number of west and/or south facing windows?

You may want to consider window glazes or window film that can help protect your home from solar heat exposure and fading.

What about bathroom windows on exterior walls? You may want to consider glazed or etched glass panes for privacy. Consider each window’s function and make a list to discuss with your window vendor.

Have You Done Your Window Vendor Homework? Your best replacement window is only going to be as good as the window’s installation.

We also install windows and doors. To give you a proper estimate, we must visit the job site to measure and see where your product will be installed.

Call us at 1.877.579.1994 or email us so that we can book an appointment with you in your home.

Play the Five Questions Game and you’ll be much better equipped to select the best replacement windows for your home.

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