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Repair or Replace Original Windows?

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Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young said – or we should say “sang” – it best:

“Our house is a very very very fine house…Such a cosy room, the windows are illuminated by the sunshine through them.”

Oops. What about when windows are older, damages, and the rooms aren’t as cozy? When should you repair windows or replace them? There are a few rules of thumb about when to repair or replace windows which can help you return your windows – and house – back to their “very very very fine” state.

Repair or Replace Windows – What Should You Do?

Issues with Older Double-hung Windows
If your older double-hung windows are stuck, or no longer open, you probably have an issue with the weighted pulley system.

In these windows, a lead weight at the end of a rope pulls downward to raise the window as you push it up. Once that rope is worn out, or broken, it doesn’t make financial sense to repair it. Homeowners usually opt to replace the window(s) with new windows, such as a tilt-pack double-hung window that is spring-loaded.

Issues with Older Multi-paned or Decorative Windows
Usually, homeowners are limited with the amount of maintenance they can do to repair windows that are 40-60 years old, or older.

Short of caulking leaky seals, replacing the putty in between panes, and minor hardware touch-ups, a drafty window probably needs to be replaced.

Talk to your vendor about vinyl windows, which can be designed to replicate the same window pane pattern as an older window while providing significantly improved insulation.

True Divided Lights – Multiple Windows in One
Sometimes older homes have windows that are called “true divided lights” where the window is actually comprised of multiple windows with separate grilles.

In this case, if one pane breaks, it is usually best to replace the whole window, rather than replacing a single pane of glass. They are usually made of single-paned glass which has zero-insulation value.

Weathered Windows
Weathered Windows can be a health risk, as well as expensive to repair. If an older window shows signs of severe weathering – such as cracks, warping, or recurring mold/mildew – it ‘s time to replace it.

While you are at it, you should probably hire a professional contractor to take a look at the interior wall spaces around the window to make sure there isn’t any mold/mildew damage that needs to be repaired. Mold can cause health problems when left untreated.

Can’t Repair Windows? Choose the Best Replacement Windows

If you opt not to repair windows, or have multiple windows that need to be replaced, you will probably want to select vinyl window replacements.

You can probably maintain your existing window frames, and your window vendor will simply replace the window and sashes. Or, you can measure for replacement windows and install them yourself!

Vinyl windows will usually save as much as 30% or more when compared to wood window replacements.

In order to benefit from additional savings, make sure you order Energy Star Windows to maximize energy savings from increased insulation values.

Once you repair window issues, your house will be as fine, and cozier, than ever!

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