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How to Determine the Quality of Residential Windows

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So you’ve decided to replace your residential windows.  Now what?  Whether you are replacing your windows for resale curb appeal, or working to improve your home’s energy efficiency, the decisions can seem endless.  What style of window do you want? Single hung or double hung?  Casement or awning?  Then once you decide on the style of your window, you need to start thinking about quality.

Replacing your home’s windows can be an expensive endeavor. But trying to save money now by installing cheaper windows can end up costing a great deal more money over time.  The key to smart window replacement is choosing the highest quality window your budget can afford – even if that requires a little more stretching than you were planning on.  You will be glad you did.

What Determines the Quality of Residential Windows?

You are probably not surprised to hear that there are a number of factors involved when determining the quality of residential windows.  But some factors are more important than others.

Here is a list of the Top 3 Things to consider when you’re in the market for a quality window.

1. Energy Efficiency
The quality of the windows you choose have a direct effect on the energy efficiency of your home. High R-values indicate better insulating properties and low U-values demonstrate the windows’ energy efficiency after installation. Think about the following window features:

  • LoE Glass. Quality windows use LoE glass, which can boost the energy efficiency of your windows by 40%.   They keep your house cooler in the summer by filtering sun exposure. The insulation between the panes helps to maintain your interior temperatures, keeping your home warmer in the winter.
  • Weather Sealing. Weather sealing is built into window frames to prevent airflow into and out of the window.  The highest quality windows can have up to three over-sized weather seals – or triple weather seals – preventing as much airflow as possible.
  • Joints and Seals. They need to be durable – weak frames. window seals. and/or joints can decrease a window’s ability to seal properly.  A good quality residential window will have precision mitred and fusion welded joints to produce strong bonds.

2. Maintenance Obligations 
Windows need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Maintenance labor and costs will be much higher if you skimp now on cheaper window materials.  Things you will want to keep in mind are:

  • Hardware. Make sure your residential windows have quality hardware that is considered heavy duty.  Window operation should be effortless if the window is installed properly.  Hardware shouldn’t break or malfunction with regular daily window use.
  • Clean-ability. You may not have known it but you can purchase windows with products that use the sun’s rays to help break down dust and window settlement and washes it away the next time it rains.  It’s that easy!
  • Prevent Fading. Purchase residential windows that have a solar resistant paint.  Solar resistant paints can be matched to your exterior trim color and will stand up to even the harshest of sun exposure.

3. A Good Manufacturer’s Warranty
Quality residential windows come with quality warranties. Hopefully you won’t ever have to use it but if you do, you’ll be glad you paid a little extra for a quality window.  The best warranties have lifetime coverage for frames, glass, and hardware.  You can’t ask for much more than that.

Still not sure exactly what window manufacturer you want to go with?  Let us help you.  Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to hear your thoughts.  We can talk to you about the types of windows you are looking for. We’ll help you select the most quality residential windows for your budget.

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