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How to Clean Exterior Doors?

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In Feng Shui, the front door is an important part of the home. According to this ancient Chinese practice, clean exterior doors and porches invite positive energy and prosperity into the home.

In fact, many Feng Shui practitioners start their day by sweeping the front porch to keep it clean, and to sweep away any bad spirits that may be lurking about.

Here are steps you can take to clean an exterior door, and create a tidy and welcoming energy for all who enter your home.

Instructions for Cleaning Exterior Doors – Wood, Vinyl, and Fiberglass

DIY Cleaner
If you haven’t already discovered the miracles of vinegar and water, now’s the time. Mix equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle.

It’s an affordable and eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner.

If you haven’t cleaned an exterior door in a while, you might want to get out the vacuum cleaner and run the nozzle around the door trim, frame, and along contoured edges or recesses on the door face, to remove large debris and/or cobwebs.

Wipe On Wipe Off
Open your door and spray the entire frame with the water and vinegar mixture. Use a clean dry cloth to wipe away dirt, debris and fingerprints.

Continue spraying and wiping until the cloth(s) come away clean. Do the same for the door surface.

Tough Stains?
If you find there are stains or grease that won’t come off, try mineral spirits. Just dampen a cloth, or sponge, with the mineral spirits and scrub until the stains are loosened and can be wiped away.

Make sure the door is open or the space is well ventilated when working with mineral spirits.

If you have any glass accents or windows you can use the vinegar/water solution. It makes a great glass cleaner.

If the windows are large, you may want to use a squeegee. Otherwise, try using recycled newspapers for a streak-free finish.

For an extra-shiny finish to clean exterior doors’ hardware, use a brass or steel polish on the door hardware.

Apply the polish and then wipe it clean with a separate cloth. Make sure you have removed all of the polish.

Instructions for Cleaning an Exterior Sliding Door

Use the vacuum cleaner to suck up debris that has accumulated on the track. Use an attachment to get into tight crevices and corners.

DIY Cleaner
See #1 and use the same earth-friendly glass cleaner to clean the tracks. You may need to use a stiff brush to get some of the ground-in debris to lift off.

Clean the Glass
Spray your glass liberally with the cleaner. It’s a good idea to use a squeegee if you have one. The job goes a lot faster.

Otherwise, use recycled newspapers or a clean dry cloth. Make sure to completely wipe away all of the moisture.

Some people use a pressure washer to clean exterior doors. This is NOT a good idea. The high-pressure can cause water and moisture to penetrate weather seals and cause problems later.

Now all you have to do is sit on your porch, chat with the neighbors, and wait for prosperity to come on over.

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