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Home Replacement Windows: 9 Tips for Maintaining Your Windows

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You just installed new home replacement windows and things are looking up – or at least “out”.  Now what? Believe it or not, your work is not over. Windows, like everything else, need a little time and attention in order to work efficiently and maintain maximum warranty values.

Most people think a little window cleaner and elbow grease is all that is needed to keep windows in good working order.  Au contrair!  Window maintenance is a little more involved but it’s easy to do yourself.

9 Tips for Maintaining Your Home
Replacement Windows

Tip 1. Include Them In Your Annual Home Maintenance Checklist 
Make sure that you include “window inspections” when you perform your annual home maintenance checkup.  Visually inspect the exterior and interior sides of your home replacement windows to make sure everything is in working order.

Tip 2. Make Repairs Immediately
You know that little ding in your living room window that appeared mysteriously over night last spring?  You meant to get it fixed but the days kept on slipping away.  Well, come next winter you will have a full fledged spider web – and additional home replacement windows to install. Small repairs now save major repairs later.

Tip 3. Inspect the Rubber Seals Bi-annually
If they become dry or cracked from hot summer days, they will need to be replaced before winter so that they don’t leak. You can remove the window sashes and take them to a glass repair store or trust that work to a professional if you aren’t sure how to do it.

Tip 4. Caulk, Caulk, and Re-caulk!
If there is one item to always have on hand for home repairs, it has to be caulk. You always want to carefully inspect exterior caulking where the edges of your windows meet the siding and interior walls.  Any little cracks, chips, or missing pieces need to be re-caulked to prevent water damage.

Tip 5. Keep a Dry Lubricant On Hand
Make sure that your windows can open and close smoothly.  When they don’t, you have to use brute force, and this can end up damaging your home replacement windows.  Keep window tracks lubricated. Do not use oil lubricants as they attract dirt and grime.

Tip 6. Make Sure Screens Are In Good Shape
Your screens can act as a barrier for your windows, protecting them from damage.  Damaged or missing screens remove that level of protection and allow damage to be done by smaller particles and debris.

Tip 7. Seal and Repaint Exterior Window Frames
If you have wood window frames, you want to make sure that the sealing and/or paint is updated regularly.  Small peels and chips can allow weather damage to ensue and lead to a much bigger problem.

Tip 8. Make Sure Interior Frames Are in Good Condition
UV rays can do damage to the paint or seal on your interior frames as well. When you take care of the interior frames, you maximize their protective features.

Tip 9. Carefully Inspect the Weather Stripping
The weather stripping protects heat loss and gain and also acts as a water barrier.  You want to inspect and replace it when necessary to ensure your home enjoys maximum energy efficiency and keep your windows in ship shape.

Annual Inspections of Home Replacement Windows Save Money and Energy!

Annual, or bi-annual, window inspections are an important part of homeowner maintenance.  Window coverings often mask winter window issues and by the time warm weather comes along, you can find a lot more than expected the first time you attempt to open the windows.

Water leaks can happen slowly and from the tiniest window malfunction so become educated about window maintenance and you can always let the sunshine in.

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