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Fixed Vinyl Windows Replacement for Your Home

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Most of us think of windows in terms of looks and their ventilation functions, which is why double hung windows or casement windows are so popular.

However, there are certain applications where a fixed vinyl window can be the best choice of all.

A fixed window is one that doesn’t tilt or slide open and closed. Fixed vinyl windows can be custom measured for virtually any size.

Because they remain in one place, and offer a view to the outdoors, they are often referred to as “picture windows.”

Here are some pros and cons of fixed vinyl windows which can help you to decide if they are the right application for your window replacement.

The Pros and Cons of Fixed Vinyl Windows

The Pros of a Fixed Vinyl Window

Energy Efficiency
If you’re looking to replace a window in your home, it is a good idea to ask yourself, “How often do we open this window?” Most home owners select windows which can be opened and closed for ventilation purposes.

However, the ability to open and close a window will always compromise the window’s energy efficiency – even if only slightly.

If you realize that the window in question is rarely opened, you may want to replace it with a fixed vinyl window to maximize air leak prevention.

Most windows are double hung or sliding windows, which means they have hardware running horizontally or vertically. This can create an obstruction to your view.

If you’re using a window to showcase a particular view, you may want to consider a fixed window – as a “picture window” – to maximize your viewing pleasure.

You can always install two smaller double hung or casement windows on either side if airflow is important to you.

A fixed window can be used in any room in the house. In cases where security is important a fixed window can prevent intrusions since it must be broken, rather than shimmied open, for intruders to get in.

As we have mentioned before, the more parts a window has, the more window maintenance the home owner is responsible for.

Since fixed windows have zero hardware, they can be less expensive to maintain over their lifetime.

The Cons of a Fixed Vinyl Window

The primary cons of a fixed vinyl window is that you lack to ability to open and close it.

If you use your windows often during the summer to cut down on cooling costs, or to allow fresh air into your home, then you will probably want to select a window style that allows for that.

It would not necessarily be wise to only use fixed windows throughout a house because indoor air pollution would become a potential problem.

Heat Gain
Without ventilation, you may experience greater heat gain which can be a disadvantage without efficient window coverings or air conditioning during the warmer months.

Not sure about which window style is best? Contact us and we can discuss your options and provide suggestions for the best window for your view.

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