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Entry Door: How to Pick a Top Quality Door?

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Knock Knock

Who’s There?

Your Door.

Your Door Who?

No, Seriously. It’s your entry door. It’s time we sat down and had a little chat. I’ve been trying to tell you it’s time to replace me but you haven’t paid attention. Haven’t you noticed my peeling paint? Or what about that warped area in my top corner that always sticks when it’s raining? Haven’t you heard me whistling as the wind blows through my cracked weather stripping? It’s embarrassing. The other entry doors on the block are laughing at me. I’m ready to retire! Can’t you get a replacement?

How Is Your Entry Door Looking These Days?

Your front door might not be a focus of family conversation. In fact, when little things start going wrong, it’s easy to become so used to them that they become a part of your daily routine. Just like that sticky corner the door above was bemoaning, your door might be trying to tell you that it’s time to retire it and look for a proper replacement. So what, exactly, should you be looking for?

How Do I Pick A Top Quality Door?

There are several factors you should consider when choosing a new entry door. Insulation, safety, and ease of maintenance are some of the top priorities to make sure you purchase a door that will last.

Factor #1. An Energy Star Door?
That’s right. Even entry doors can be energy star rated. This is a great place to start when narrowing your door options. An energy start rating on a door is a similar stamp to one on a replacement window. Ultimately, you want a door that minimizes heat gain and loss, whether it’s through the window panes in the door panel, the door panel itself, or through the spaces around the door.

These factors are rated in terms of:

  • U-factor
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)
  • Air leakage

The glass panels/windows in a door are also measured for:

  • Visible Transmittance (VT)
  • Light-to-Solar Gain (LSG)

When you purchase a door that boasts the energy star symbol, you can be assured you are maximizing your entry door’s energy efficiency.

Factor #2. Is The Door Properly Insulated?

If you happen to fall in love with a door that doesn’t meet the energy start guidelines, then verify with the vendor or manufacturer that it is properly insulated for your climate. A poorly insulated door will become a direct pathway for heat to escape your home in the winter and to enter your home in the summer. A wood door might not be your best bet as they are usually less insulated. A new steel or fiberglass door can have a core of polyurethane foam insulation that can be five times more efficient than most wood doors.

Factor #3. Security and Appearance.
It’s important to choose a door made from a material that meets your needs.

  • Steel: Steel doors can be a wonderful choice for both security and appearance. If safety is an issue, you should always choose a steel door. They are easy to paint and require little maintenance.
  • Wood: Wood doors are usually an aesthetic choice to match the design of an older home or to create a warm appearance. They require more maintenance as they do weather over time. You will have to paint them more often to enhance their appearance and protect them from water damage.
  • Fiberglass: These doors combine the sturdy qualities of a steel door with the appearance of a wood door. They can be painted or stained, like wood, but you don’t have to worry about weather damage.

Your entry door is the gateway to your home so select a door that will welcome you home for a long time to come.

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