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7 Energy Saving Tips You Can Implement Today

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Remember when The Jetsons cartoon seemed like the ultimate, yet unattainable, dream for your future?  They communicated via video streams, cars drove themselves, and dinners could be prepared in an instant.  Although most of us aren’t traveling around on other planets in flying cars (yet!), modern lives are becoming more “Jetson-esque” every day.  The most common applications of these formerly space-age conveniences are in your home appliances and electronics. The down side to all this convenience is the majority of these appliances and technologies consume energy – and energy costs money. 

Here are seven energy saving tips that will help you and your family make the most of your own space age luxuries:

7 Simple Energy Saving Tips

1. Install a programmable thermostat.  Even the most diligent of homeowners forgets to change the thermostat from 28 ºC on a cold winter’s night, or 21ºC on a hot summer day, which results in hours of heating and cooling your home when everyone’s left for the day.  Programmable thermostats are easy to install yourself, or very affordable to have installed by a local HVAC company.  The savings will pay off in no time.

2. Eliminate household air leaks.  Many home improvement companies offer free or low-cost consultations.  They evaluate air ducts, windows, insulation, etc. to find out where your home might be leaking precious warm or cool air, resulting in large utility bills for your household.  They will offer a step-by-step plan to achieve overall home energy efficiency.

3. Make sure your home electronics are plugged into power strips. Most home electronics are on stand-by mode when not in use, or have illuminated displays. If you get in the habit of turning off the power strips when you are finished using various devices, the energy savings will be noticeable.

4. Lower the setting on your water heater.  Take a peek at your current water heater setting.  Unless you have it set at about 60º or slightly higher, you are most likely wasting energy.  Whether your water heater is gas or electric, storing unused quantities of hot water is a major energy drain.  A setting of roughly 60º should be sufficient to meet most families’ hot water needs.

5. Limit the amount of hot water used for baths and showers.  Luxurious baths are one of life’s pleasures but they are also one of life’s hot water wasters.  Try to take shorter showers whenever possible and limit baths to help conserve energy used to heat a new tank of water.  Installing low-flow shower heads and sink faucet adapters is another way to limit household hot water consumption.

6. Only run full loads in washing machines and dish washers. Dish washers and laundry appliances can use a lot of wasteful energy. Wash clothes in cold water unless absolutely necessary and line dry clothes, towels, or sheets when you can. Make sure your dishwasher is on the “air dry” rather than the “heat dry” setting.  These small adjustments to your daily appliances equal instant energy savings.

7. Make sure you are buying products with Energy Star labels.  Energy Star products such as appliances, electronics and light bulbs have to adhere to strict energy efficient guidelines.

You might find it worthwhile to take a small step back from the smooth day-to-day operation of your home and consider some simple energy saving tips that will ultimately save a tremendous amount of energy and money. Some of them might require a certain level of investment but most are completely free.  They will all end up saving you thousands in the long run. You will be able to enjoy your Jetson-esque home as your energy bills decrease at light speed.

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