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Double Exterior Doors for Your Home

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Double exterior doors offer a way to make a grand, elegant, and/or artistic entrance to your home or yard.

Whether you have an oversized entry way that requires double entry doors or you want an attractive entrance to your patio, double doors are becoming more and more popular for both new and existing residential construction.

What are double exterior doors?

An entrance way with double exterior doors consists of a large door frame and two individual doors that are used symmetrically to enhance the look and function of the entrance.

In most cases, the doors are hinged on opposite sides, and the doors swing in opposite directions. Sometimes, one of the doors is actually a fixed panel, which means it doesn’t open and close, but it adds to the aesthetic of the entrance.

Front entrances are usually comprised of either two solid door panels, or doors with window inserts.

Often, in new construction homes with enclosed entrance way or gated courtyard entrances, the doors may be almost solid glass with frosted or decorative glass panels.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Double Exterior Doors


If you peruse the web for images of single or double exterior door installations, you will notice that there is just something more attractive about double doors.

They make an elegant statement and if you select a door and/or window with artistic elements, those elements are doubled – which means twice the beauty. In cases where you are choosing french doors, you are also graced with double the window space and double the view of your outdoor landscape.

When the doors are opened, you are provided with a significant amount of airflow. This will be beneficial for your overall cooling costs in the warmer months, and also helps to keep fresh air circulating, which is important for your home’s interior air quality.


If you choose the right type of exterior door, and make sure it is installed correctly – which includes good sealing and weather stripping, proper insulation shouldn’t be an issue.

However, if the doors are a cheap material and/or aren’t sealed properly, two doors will be even more leaky and less energy efficient than one. If your double exterior doors have windows, make sure they are double paned are framed with a material such as vinyl, which is known for being energy efficient.

Every exterior door in your home will require maintenance. So two doors require twice the maintenance of one.

And of course, when the time has come that your design tastes have changed, and/or the doors need to be replaced, those costs will be doubled as well.

When it comes right down to it, if you want double exterior doors, the cons are minimal. By purchasing high quality doors with high quality windows, you will be able to attain the attractive look you want and any increase in your energy and maintenance costs wont’ be significant enough to matter.

We would be happy to make an appointment and discuss double exterior door options that will work well with your home’s design.

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