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Door Colors: Can we get different colours for doors?

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With all of the Home Improvement shows on TV, home renovation has become a hot topic of coffee-break conversations in offices across North America. Who knew that front door colors could make – or break – one’s acceptance in the neighborhood social scene?

Ms. X: Have you noticed the Jones’ front door? It’s so stuck in the 90’s, not to mention the bad feng shui. Their door could bring bad luck to our whole neighborhood!

Mr. Y: I know. I know. It pains Mrs. Y and I. We were going to invite them to the annual “Spring Has Sprung” garden party, but now? There is just no way.

Have you been snubbed by the neighbors lately? Are your door colors locked in a previous decade? Not to worry. Door colors are completely changeable. So never mind those paint chips. Say goodbye to that lovely green that has faded to puce. You can have the custom door of your dreams in no time.

Can We Get Custom Door Colors For Our Door?

Yes we have a large selection of color options. In the Chinese tradition of feng shui, door shape, size and color are all symbolic of your home’s Chi, or energy flow. In Western tradition, the front door is the gateway to your home. It can be one of the most noticeable features for guests, and prospective buyers. Your front door offers an opportunity to make a statement about your home. Door color is an area where you can choose to be bold, and step a bit outside of the architectural boundaries of your home’s design.

How Do We Get Custom Door Colors For Our Door?

1. Choosing door colors might be harder than you think, unless you are going to go the traditional route and match your door to your house’s trim color. If you want to do something a little different, or make a bold splash, here are a few tips:

  • Search “front door colors” on the internet – you will be amazed at the photos you will see on doors of all shapes, colors, and styles from around the world.
  • Start looking at architectural and home decor magazines to see if anything catches your eye
  • Take a Sunday drive through neighborhoods with nice homes and see what front door colors grab your attention.
  • Take – or print – pictures of the colors you like so that you can match them to paint samples.
  • Don’t get too wild and crazy! A color that pops, or has a symbolic meaning, is great but it still needs to feel at home (pun intended) with the rest of your color scheme.

2. The next step is to talk us by calling toll free at 1.877.579.1994. There was a time when all doors were made of wood. The builder or homeowner stained or painted the wood to give it color, or to let the natural wood grain shine through. Now days, with steel and fiberglass door options, your door can be ordered in a seemingly infinite supply of colors. You might just get lucky enough to decide on a color and find out that the manufacturer makes the door in a matching shade. If you have selected a fiberglass or steel door, your door will remain the color of your choice for a long time to come.

3. If our door supplier doesn’t have quite what you are looking for, you can have your door painted the custom color of your choice. Our door supplier will be happy to do it for you for a price, or you can do it yourself before the door is installed.

Once your new door is installed, don’t be surprised if the neighborhood invites start flooding in…along with some good Chi, of course.

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