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February 2017

Air Duct Cleaning and Repairing Another Way to Save Energy

Have you ever turned on the water to your garden hose and been rudely squirted in the face by a leaky hose-bib?

Or maybe you have been in the process of watering your plants when the hose began to resemble a sprinkler, as holes and cracks leaked water willy-nilly. Either way, you probably replaced your hose, or sealed the leaks, to prevent water waste.

Unfortunately, leaky air ducts aren’t so easy to detect. Duct work that guides your warm and cool air through household vents is hidden in walls and ceiling spaces. When ducts get dirty, or develop leaks, you usually remain oblivious. They leave you sneezing in ignorance while pondering the reason your utility bills continue to rise.

Surprise! It’s air duct cleaning time.

Air Ducts 101

Air ducts? What air ducts? You have a network of air ducts living just on the other side of your walls, ceilings, and/or your floors. These ducts are tubes, usually [Read more…]

Simple Ways to Better the Heating and Cooling Efficiency in Your House

If you are trying to live on a budget these days, you may have eliminated some of your favorite daily pleasures. Gone is the morning ritual of ordering a “double-skinny-marble-mocha-machiatto with a-dollop-of-whip-cream” from a favorite coffee shop. It can be downright depressing.

Wait! Never fear. Before giving up your favorite pleasures, why not take a closer examination of one of your other daily luxuries: your home heating and cooling system. You’d be amazed at the dollars that are – maybe literally – flying out the window on a daily basis.

Energy Efficiency $aves You Money

It may come as a surprise to you that on average, up to 54% of your utility bills are spent on heating and cooling your home. Unfortunately for your wallet, [Read more…]