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Casement Windows Replacement for Your Home

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If you are looking for a new window option, vinyl casement windows are a good choice in terms of ventilation and allowing for window operation in hard-to-reach places.

They are often called, “crank out windows” because you use a handle, or crank, to open and close the window. They can be hinged on the left or right, depending on the needs of your particular space.

Whether you choose to hang one over your kitchen sink, a bathroom counter, or anywhere else in your home, they work with any architectural aesthetic.

Pros and Cons of Casement Window Replacements

Pros of Casement Windows

In most instances when considering a casement window replacement, a double hung window is your alternative choice.

The advantage to a casement window is that when you rotate the handle to open the window, you benefit from an entire window’s worth of ventilation space. Alternatively, a double hung or sliding window will have an extra few inches that can never open, preventing maximum air flow.

Additionally, you can adjust the angle of the window to maximize the airflow – creating a literal breezeway.

Alternatively, traditional windows require the breeze to flow perpendicularly in order to benefit from direct air movement.

Easy Access
In certain instances, such as over a kitchen sink, it can be difficult to open a sliding window. You can grunt and heave, and still it may be a struggle.

The hardware on your new casement window will require a simple arm reach and the spin of your wrist and – voila! The window will open.

As such, these windows are a favourite for the – shall we say – vertically challenged.

Closed casement windows are difficult to break into without actually shattering the window.

Their locking mechanism “hooks” and embeds into the side window frame. However, if you lock yourself out of the house – it’s recommended you seek out a non-casement window for easier access…

Energy Efficiency
You can’t get much more energy efficient than an Energy Star vinyl casement window.

The tight seal achieved by the aforementioned closing/locking mechanism make them virtually leak-proof.

Cons of Casement Windows

The handle mechanism used to operate a casement window means a greater potential for maintenance issues.

However, extra money you invest to purchase a high-quality window will come back to you in terms of overall window longevity, lack of hardware failure, and manufacturer’s warranties.

While new casement windows are indeed more secure, older casement windows may not be. Older hardware can be unreliable.

However, we trust that since you are looking into replacement windows, this won’t be much of a problem.

If you are replacing an old casement window with a new one, this shouldn’t be a problem.

However, if you are replacing a double hung or fixed window, the replacement cost may increase if you need to remove the entire old window frame and replace it with a new one.

If you haven’t used a casement window before, you can come to our showroom and try them out to get an idea of whether or not they are the right choice for you.

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