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Bow Windows Replacement for Your Home

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Bow windows – not to be confused with bay windows are an attractive addition to any room.

Where bay windows have one fixed pane window flanked by casement windows on either side, bow windows create a more unified round look by using a series of casement windows. They are a wonderful way to increase natural lighting in a dark room and maximize the view outside.

Their graceful curve, which projects away from the exterior wall, offers additional space which can be used as a nook for reading or breakfasting.

You can incorporate a deep sill for potted plants and flowers, or install a padded bench which makes the perfect spot to curl up with a book.

Regardless of how you utilize a bow window, you are guaranteed to increase the value of your home, both aesthetically and monetarily.

The Pros and Cons of Bow Windows

The elegant design of bow windows makes them a desirable choice for any room in the house.

They can add attractive dining space to a small kitchen or can transform a small nook into a lovely indoor garden room.

The cons of a bow window have more to do with making the right selections, in regards to window style and type, to maximize window quality and insulation value without breaking the bank.

Pros of a Bow Window

As mentioned above, bow windows add space, as well as beauty. This space can be utilized in a variety of ways depending on your lifestyle and the room’s function.

The more windows you have, the more natural light a room will benefit from. Bow windows offer even more light than a bay window because the casement windows are linked without additional wall space; they are almost like one continuous window.

This can save on energy costs, especially when added to a room that is dark during daytime hours.

Depending on the trim, and existing design features, a bow window works with just about any architectural design, from historical to ultra-modern.

Air Circulation
While most of the casement windows should be fixed panes, eliminating a hodge-podge of window hardware, a few of them can be designed to open and close – allowing cross-ventilation and fresh air during the warmer months.

Cons of a Bow Window

Bow windows can run on the more expensive side so your best bet is to purchase high-quality vinyl windows.

You will benefit from their affordable price and low maintenance requirements, while maximizing your insulation value and lifetime of the windows.

Windows are one of the main sources of energy loss in a home. If you live in a colder climate, you will want to make sure you purchase vinyl windows with the Energy Star label to maximize the windows’ energy efficiency.

Typically, bow windows don’t come with screens, which means that pests can have access when windows are open.

We are happy to discuss this with you when we come to measure your window space. Attractive screens can be installed for a modest price.

A bow window feature will showcase both the exterior and interior of any home.

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