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Bay Windows Replacement for Your Home

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A bay window is one of the most aesthetically attractive, functional, and desirable windows on the market.

In their basic form, bay windows consist of three windows – a large fixed window flanked by a casement window on either side.

They form a three-sided viewing space that projects outward from the wall. Usually, the fixed window is parallel to the wall and the side windows will be set at angles – usually ranging from 30° – 90°.

Depending on how you choose to use the interior space, you can create a cozy nook, install a deeper window sill for displaying plants, books, or other curios, or you can build a reading bench with hidden storage compartments – often referred to as a sit-down bay.

This time of year, there is an added bonus to replacing a bay window because they create the perfect space to display your decorated holiday tree.

Pros and Cons of Bay Windows

We are particularly fond of bay windows so we feel the pros outweigh the cons. However, to be fair, here is what we would list in our “Bay Window Pros and Cons List.”

Bay Window Pros

You just never hear people saying, “Whew! I sure hate bay windows…” in a conversation. they are beautiful and are aesthetically beneficial wherever they are installed.

Bay windows add value to a home. They are attractive from both the exterior and interior, and work well with historic and modern design motifs.

They provide a wonderful view to the outdoors and increase the natural lighting in a room considerably, which provides a clean, peaceful, and pleasant environment.

Air circulation
Particularly beneficial in the warmer months, the two side windows mean added cross-ventilation which increases air circulation. They can also cut down on utility bills.

They add aesthetic appeal to any room, from the kitchen and living room to bedrooms or a family room.

Bay Window Cons

Because they consist of three windows, with a large fixed window, the cost of bay windows will be higher than a single- or double-hung window.

Fortunately, this Con can immediately become a Pro if you select vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are affordable and can be customized to match almost any design aesthetic.

Window Treatments
It can be difficult to find the right window treatments as the tight angles make it more challenging to install the hardware.

However, most window installers can discuss window film options, which can create the privacy you desire without detracting from the view.

Natural light
To us, this is more of a Pro than a Con, however if you are installing a bay window in a bedroom, it is worth considering since three windows close together provide a good deal of daytime sun exposure. Again, window film might be just the ticket.

Traditionally, bay windows are often screen-less, which means that insects can make their way inside. However, screens can easily be installed without detracting from the overall look.

If you’re considering replacing – or installing – a bay window, give us a call. We’ll be happy to book an appointment to visit your home and provide an affordable quote.

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